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DISSET 17 GRAUS | bcnbeyond

DISSET 17 GRAUS | bcnbeyond.

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The Good Life in Barcelona

switchSwitch  is a small oasis to electronic music cult, located in the neighborhood of Gràcia, ideal for people looking for cool and alternative spaces.

A small space designed to savor a drink meanwhile while enjoying a carefully selected music from DJs and musical groups with an alternative point.

A beautifully decorated space with entrance a little dark, that goes into a spaced with generous lighting and eyes appreciates with a minimalist point, where the stools are boxes and the bar is glass.

Francisco Giner 24, map.


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A street that’s short but sweet

Tucked away behind the Diagonal between Vía Augusta and the Jardinets at the top of Passeig de Grácia is this small



unassuming street with a charm all of its own. Named after the Roman orator, who people here will remind you is their favourite Spanish celebrity from antiquity, hailing as he did from Córdoba, carrer Séneca derives its charm, not from any significant architectural gem along its short stretch, but from a mix of design shops and galleries and a small theatre, as well as the nobodinoz kid art design shop and a small cosy restaurant offering tapas and light home-made dishes.

So, if you’re heading from the left Eixample towards Gràcia, you could do worse than to cut across from the bottom end of Vía Augusta along Séneca and stroll, away from the traffic, experiencing these visual offerings of contemporary Barcelona design, or even a bite to eat or a coffee, before coming out at its other end at the Jardinets in front of the modernista Casa Fuster.

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A hub of Eixample life

As a main artery from the city centre to its upper reaches in Sant Gervasi, ending at Vía Augusta, Aribau is a busy – and

carrer Aribau

carrer Aribau

diverse – throughfare with several bus routes running up it. Between Plaça Universitat – where it starts – and the Diagonal, it has multiple personalities: at its lower end, a variety of shops, bazaars, cinemas and cafés offering cheap and cheerful consumption to the students at the university round the corner, including the famed traditional orxatería La Valenciana that has been drawing in customers for its refreshing orxatas (tiger-nut milk) and ice-creams from far and wide for the best part of a century.

As you progress up through an array of blocks mixing street cafés with modernista buildings, cuisine from around the world, a specialist wine restaurant-shop, art galleries, antique shops and boutiques, you experience that certain something that gives Eixample living its distinctive character.


There are several worthwhile buildings to see along Aribau in the section between Plaça Universitat and the Diagonal, combining a mix of classical and modernista styles.

Aribau 48

Aribau 48

Aribau 46,48,50 (between Consell de Cent and Aragó) Three adjoining buildings with classical features and carved stonework at no. 48 probably inspired by Central American pagan iconography.

Aribau 54 (corner of Aragó) Now home to the Cram hotel, this broad-fronted xanfrà building has fine stone carvings on its façade and handsome galerías.

Aribau 61 (between Aragó and Valencia) A classic Eixample house with fine stonework on the ground floor and ironwork balconies.

Aribau 91 (corner of Mallorca) A decorative façade with 4 richly carved stone columns on its upper level. A classic Eixample xanfrà building from 1901.

Aribau 146, 148, 150 (between Rosselló and Còrsega) A trio of fine carved stonework façades with decorative ironwork balconies.

Aribau 175, 177 (between Còrsega and París) Blending clasical with modernist, two fine houses with imposing entrances and stone carving on lower level and galería on first floor in stone.

Aribau 179 (corner of París) This building sports a decorative turret on its upper level with colourful ceramic work in the Spanish style.

Aribau 182 (corner of París)  A classic xanfrà corner building flanked by two smaller modernista houses with carved stone façades and ironwork balconies


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Passatge Lluís Pellicer

A little street with lots of life

Passatge Lluís Pellicer Street Party

Passatge Lluís Pellicer Street Party

Nestled away behind the Diagonal in the left Eixample this unassuming passage will often go unremarked by the casual passer-by, except, perhaps, for the popular Velódromo café-restaurant on its corner with Muntaner.

If you venture a bit further down the lane, you will find it has plenty to offer in the way of hang-outs and diverse food experiences to enjoy both day and night. But what strikes me most about this small street is its sense of community with ambitions above its station among its grander neighbours, evident at last weekend’s annual Festa del Passatge.

Of course, you won’t find it teeming with so much activity every day, but you will be able enjoy the bon rotllo of the locals at one of its cocktail bars at night or sample the all-day variety of cosmopolitan restaurants located there, including a Breton creperie, a Catalan restaurant offering cuina casolana and Blau, one of Barcelona’s finer international gastronomic experiences offered by chef Marc Roca, with his own touch of Catalan flair.

So, if you’re in the area and fancy exploring one of the hideaways in the Eixample, you could do worse than taking a stroll down this lane.


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A relatively tranquil street during the day, carrer París boasts a host of Barcelona’s best restaurants, bars and cocktail bars to spend the evening among the residents of the Eixample and further afield, who choose it as one of their favourite meeting points.

Carrer París

Carrer París

Running obliquely to the Diagonal and meeting it at the junction of carrer Balmes, the street is an alternative route between the upper part of the Left Eixample and Rambla Catalunya and Passeig de Gràcia, with some elegant modernista and classical buildings along the way and some excellent gastronomic experiences.


The main buildings of interest are located close to the Diagonal.

  • París 202, 204 (between Balmes and Enric Granados) – two adjoining residential buildings with imposing
    París 182

    París 182

    carved stone doorways and façades and inticate ironwork balconies. París 202 has a particularly colourful entrance lobby.

  • París 182 (between Enric Granados and Aribau) – richly decorated stonework and carved wood entrance door with Gothic windows and parapets on its upper levels

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Finding your way around

Discover a different Barcelona

This site is here to give you the tips you need to explore a part of central Barcelona that’s easy to reach but away from the tourist traps  – the less known streets for sightseeing , with pictures to give you a feeling for all the places to be enjoyed off the beaten track and away from the crowds. We’ll also tell you about where you can stay, eat, stop for a coffee, visit public gardens etc., with a rough price guide so you can plan your day.

The Diagonal

The Diagonal

Click on the categories on the right to see street-by-street guides, shopping, restaurants, cafés, getting around and so on. We’ll be adding new information all the time, so keep checking in for updates. For the moment, all the content is about the Eixample and Gracia, but we’ll be adding other areas for those wishing to explore further afield in the future.

If you’d like to add your own comments or tips for other visitors to the site, you’re most welcome.

Thank you for visiting myDiagonal and come back soon!

(PS – I’ll be publishing random posts about nothing in particular every now and then)


A street-by-street guide of places to see with maps to plan your route and find places to stop off on your way.

Restaurants, cafés, bars

Classified by nationality, speciality, location, price range, etc.


We’ll tell you about boutiques, wine shops, chocolate shops and delicatessens and other interesting places to find original gifts or treats for yourself.


Places to stay by price range, location, boutique hotels, etc.

Getting around

How to move around on foot, by bike and by public transport, including dedicated cycle routes.


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Gràcia, once a village outside Barcelona, has been enveloped by the city to become one of the most cosmopolitan and trendy neighbourhoods, like Paris´s Montmartre. With many of its streets pedestrianised and leafy squares dotted around, it maintains the charm of a small town and is the ideal place to enjoy the city´s life away from the noise of the traffic and still explore the delights of the café life, food from around the world and small specialist shops and boutiques, antiquarians and art galleries.

Lying between the Diagonal to the South and Parc Güell to the North, this vibrant residential quarter, home to artists, artisans, designers and architects, has unspoilt old style cafés, small grocer’s shops, boutiques, theatres, galleries, barber’s shops, jazz joints, pubs and restaurants – a veritable feast for the senses. Its markets have a much more authentic feeling than the Boquería on the Ramblas and its squares are teeming with life, young and old, dog owners, groups, cyclists and pedestrians mingling and meeting to share the relaxed atmosphere.


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