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La Mercè 2013

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While the start of the summer is celebrated massively during the night of Sant Joan, the end of the summer is celebrated even more massively with La Mercè.

La Mercè is the patron saint of Barcelona and is celebrated on September 24. This year, Barcelona will turn once again into one big party from September 20 until September 24. More than 600 activities take place all over the city, ranging from open doors in museums to Catalan traditions.


It is a celebration of creativity, modernity, equality and multiculturalism, but also of traditions. Let’s start with the traditions, which go back until 1871. From 1902, the “castells” and “gegants” have started to gain popularity during popular festivities. La Mercè is also known for the ‘correfocs’, people disguised as devils who run through the streets with fire and shoot firework. While generally, you can join the…

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DISSET 17 GRAUS | bcnbeyond

DISSET 17 GRAUS | bcnbeyond.

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Day 7: Museu de Modernisme Catala

Anna Looks at Some Things

What better way to unwind from another grueling day with six hours of classes than spending some time in a museum focused on one of your favorite artistic movements?

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Family Activities in Barcelona | Kids in Barcelona

Sun, fun, furry things and a whole lot more

Family Fun in Barcelona – Ideas and Activities for Kids

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Nelly Packs Her Trunk

DSCN4774DSCN4807DSCN4805Being an English student I’m often mocked when I can’t find the words to describe something, but I really don’t think that they exist for last night! After work we went to the correfoc, the closing event of the Festa Mayor de Gràcia, and it was whilst having a drink that we heard the first drums that signalled the start. Cue a large group of people throwing money onto the table and running in the direction of the crowd! Pushing our way through the throngs was a recurring theme that night which just added to the brilliant atmosphere and people danced to the almost tribal music as we headed for the flashes of light the we could see overhead – it almost felt quite dark and sinister but so exciting at the same time. And when we finally were at the front the show was spectacular. People dressed from head…

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Bar Leo @ c/ Sant Carles, 34


Bar Leo is an experience. People might not like it, we simply love it. It’s Leokadia’s (the gentle innkeeper) small temple made of tapas, vermuth, and Flamenco. The small room is literally plastered with journals and posters and pictures of Bambino, forniture is anything but fancy, food is simple, and if you are lucky you can happen to be there when some tocaore is playing guitar. At the end of July Leo was in Italy for some vacation, and we organized a weekend in Barcelona with the good-old-friends he lived with in Gex and by chance other friends from his hometown where in town. The sun was shining brighter on Barcelona in that days.

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Festigabal: from 19th to 21st August

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