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Santuari de Sant Josep de la Muntanya


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Restaurant Review: Burger Joints in Barcelona

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The Good Life in Barcelona

switchSwitch  is a small oasis to electronic music cult, located in the neighborhood of Gràcia, ideal for people looking for cool and alternative spaces.

A small space designed to savor a drink meanwhile while enjoying a carefully selected music from DJs and musical groups with an alternative point.

A beautifully decorated space with entrance a little dark, that goes into a spaced with generous lighting and eyes appreciates with a minimalist point, where the stools are boxes and the bar is glass.

Francisco Giner 24, map.


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Gràcia (III) – Vermut time

Not only eating, by Silicians

These days you can enjoy popular celebrations in Festes de Gràcia. Besides viewing the decorated streets, this is a good time to know some bars in the area if you want to taste a traditional vermut.

Bodega Quimet (Vic St.23): Just a few tables in a traditional place recovered from the past. Vermut at 1 euros and a varied sort of tapas (hig quality sausage from Extremadura)


Vermuteria del Tano (Joan Blanques St.,17 or Bruniquer St.30): There are always ready the ingredients for a vermut in a traditional and authentic setting.


Costa Brava (Alzina St.58): little bodega in a quiet place of the area. Any sophistication, but good tapas and vermut.

costa brava

Gata Mala (Rabassa St.37): to go early in the evening, you can get beer (caña) and a free tapa. At night you can taste a gin tonic.

gata mala

Bodega Marín (Milà i…

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Lively Gracia | Things to do in Barcelona

The Festa Major de Gràcia, the district’s colourful annual festival, takes place from 15th to 21st August

Read about it in this blog by Lifestyle Barcelona

Lively Gracia | Things to do in Barcelona.

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Festigabal: from 19th to 21st August

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Louisiana, le bon vivant

restaurante-envaliraVila de Grácia is one of Barcelona’s highlights. No doubts about that.

The trendy and booming yet at the same time typical, charming and quiet neighborhood worths by itself a trip to Barcelona.

In the middle of this traditional Catalan place you can find Plaza del Sol, a square filled with avid youngsters and a few terraces, good for tapas snacking. Today is time to tell you about a specific secret – the one of Envalira. And it is not about tapas at all.

The first time I went there I thought it was closed for good. It is right there, in one of the square corners, but as they only open their doors (and uncover the entrance) at 1.30 pm (lunch time) and 9 pm (dinner), my will was disarmed due to the lack of this useful information.

The second time, however, I passed by at a later time…

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