Eating vegetarian in Barcelona

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On first impressions one might be inclined to think that Barcelona (or all of Spain, even) is unfriendly to someone who avoids eating animal products. Whilst there are indeed legs of ham as far as the eye can see, the city actually has a lot of plant-friendly eating options. I arrived in Barcelona with a fairly long list of vegetarian restaurants I wanted to try, but truthfully we didn’t really feel the need to seek them out all that often. Tapas was our friend, and whilst a lot of tapas dishes do include meat, there are plenty of great non-meat options available at most restaurants. We enjoyed some amazing vegetable paella at a tapas bar off Passeig de Gràcia, and ate more grilled padrón peppers and patatas bravas than one would think possible. Pan con tomate and escalavida were also among my personal favourites.

Whilst we didn’t get make it…

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Pepito Barcelona

Il Dolce Stilo

Spain has always been one of the top places in the world when it comes to food. I confess that over these 2 years I’ve never tried so much different food and tasted so much wine. In Barcelona, I visited a wide range of restaurants, from small and cheap locals to prestigious locations renown worldwide. But recently, a new restaurant caught my attention: Pepito.

With a prestigious location between Rambla Cataluña and Paseo de Gracia, Pepito specializes (evidently) in Pepitos. This classic meal turns into a gourmet dish with ingredients such as Brie cheese, foie and pimientos de padrón (the typical green Galician peppers with a salty touch).

The menu holds a variety of plates such as salads exquisitely finished, meats, tartar, cod with honey and gourmet tapas. As well, many D.O. from Spain are available for you to choose and marry your meal to boost each flavor.


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Tapa de l’any, Sitges

Not Only Eating

This Sunday (November 3th), in the Melia Hotel’s Auditorium, will take place the event “La Tapa de l’Any de Catalunya 2013” organized by El Gremio de Hostelería de Sitges and Estrella Damm.


In the contest, 18 tapas will be prepared by 18 chefs. If you go there this Sunday, you can enjoy the competition and have the option to taste one of the finalist tapas +  an Estrella beer. Price: 3€. You can see how to go to the hotel and buy tickets here.

This event is complementary to the Tapa’s route in Sitges ( October 29th -November 10th). Different bars and restaurants in Sitges will sponsor one of the finalist tapas. So, you can taste them walking around this beautiful town. See the offer here.

On the other hand, Monday will be dedicated to the professional sector, with presentations of first-order chefs: Albert Marimon, Xavier Franco, Josean Merino, Nandu…

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In Barcelona, Art Ain’t Cheap

Life is a Camino

Gallery, Fundacio Tapies

For the price of admission to Antoni Gaudi’s legendary La Sagrada Familia, you can buy yourself a decent sit-down three-course lunch, reserve a bed in any number of top-rated hostels, or go to any number of art-house cinemas and buy a ticket for you and friend, plus have money leftover for snacks. What I’m getting at is that it’s damn expensive to enter a building still at least a decade away from completion. Although I have mostly approached this trip with the mindset of “I might never come back here again,” I feel that Barcelona is a city I could visit time after time without exhausting myself. So entering La Sagrada Familia will just have to wait–but luckily there are a host of other incredible places around the city to see art, most of them much cheaper, if not free.

Fundacio Antoni Tapies

For starters, there’s the Fundacio Antoni Tapies, a…

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PISSARRO’S PLACES in Barcelona–11 November


promo cover

PISSARRO’S PLACES will be the center of attention when I give my slide-lecture at the EXCELLENCE Bookstore in Barcelona, Spain on 11 November at 11:30 in the morning.  This prominent bookstore is partnering with the Barcelona Women’s Network to sponsor the program.  They will offer the book for the remainder of the PISSARRO exhibition at the CaixaForum. If you are in Barcelona, make plans to join us!


Slide-lecture by Ann Saul

EXCELLENCE Bookstore, C/Balmes, 191,Barcelona

11 November, 11:30 am

*   *   *   *   *

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87,500 Tazas de Café

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Tibidabo, the Disneyland of Barcelona

The Map Of Another Star

Tibidabo is the Disneyland of Barcelona–simply put, it’s the happiest place in the city. Set in the Collserola mountains behind the city, this attraction park began construction in 1900 and has since added more modern attractions, in addition to repairing the original rides. “Tibidabo” can refer to the 512-meter peak or to the attraction park, but to me, it is synonymous with joy. The park offers stunning panoramas of the skyline and also the Temple Expatori de Sagrat Cor, a Neo-Gothic church that was built between 1902 and 1951. The church can be seen from most parts of the city and is a helpful navigating tool, as well as being awe-inspiring up-close. After the panoramic views, my favorite part of Tibidabo is seeing the joy of all the children dashing around the attraction park.

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Ramblas Hotel Barcelona, Barcelona Hotel Guide


Barcelona is a fascinating city with a lot of interest, various neighborhoods. There will definitely be good for you. The question is: which one? ramblas hotel Barcelona Consider Ciutat Vella if you like the idea of “being in the middle of everything. ” The streets here, in the heart of the town, are packed with noisy and lively masses of both visitors and locals. It is a historic district of Barcelona, wand the atmosphere is extraordinarily dynamic ramblas hotel Barcelona, vibrant and memorable.
Above all, Citrate Vela is a welcoming space for pedestrians. There are some great roads, very little traffic noise and the streets are made WWF walking ramblas hotel Barcelona. However, while the vehicles will not bother with horns, the area is known for the sound that emanates from each evening many nightclubs and bars that line the streets ramblas hotel Barcelona. Central district of Citrate Vela in…

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Giulietta Cafe

A Bite of Barca.

In Barcelona were tapas bars run rampant, finding a great non tapas cafe can be a bit difficult. When I wake up at 8 am for my 9am spanish class the only thoughts running through my mind are, where am I getting my expresso and breakfast before class? A very short walk from my apartment located in Placa Tetuan, you will find one of my favorite spots Giulietta Cafe. Giulietta is an adorably decorated cafe that offers an array of sandwiches, pastas, juices and desserts. The shabby chic decor is the reason I walked in but the expresso and breakfast bikinni is why I keep returning. If you have some time to sit down and relax, take a seat, grab the daily paper, and enjoy the amazing food this place has to offer. I love going to this cafe with my roommate to grab some pesto pasta and cram…

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Happy first anniversary at Dry Martini

Il Dolce Stilo

Dry Martini BarcelonaTo celebrate my first anniversary blogging at Il Dolce Stilo, I decided to visit a very top and special place : Dry Martini.

This bar is owned by Javier de las Muelas, considered as one of the most prominent cocktail masters in the world.

With more the 30 years of history, Dry Martini is an icon in the Cocktail World. Its English style of a cocktail bar with leather sofas, dark wood and tons of different bottles; its art collection on the walls dedicated to his famous cocktail, its exquisite menu and its classic (and not so classic) cocktails has leaded Dry Martini to the list of the 50 best bars in the World!! Dry Martini Javier de las Muelas

This “must-visit” place in Barcelona has a unique enchantment and cozy atmosphere with an amazing know how in cocktails. Although you may assume that the drink to ask for is a Dry Martini (and it is) this…

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