Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya

Nelly Packs Her Trunk

Having decided to go out and do something this morning but then been a bit stumped by the grey and drizzly weather, I eventually decided to head over to the archaeological museum as I think I’d already pretty much exhausted all of the main galleries. A silly thing to do earlier in summer when it was all sunny! Had a walk through the rain to get there and was greeted by a really very impressive-looking building, in a nice sunny bright yellow which was quite cheering under the circumstances. However, when I entered I found all of the staff (all 3 of them!) gathered around the door for a chat, and they seemed genuinely surprised that I wanted to buy a ticket. A good start. The computer then wasn’t working to let me buy one (must have been used a lot that day… 😛 ) and they just took my…

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