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Les Quinze Nits - benedictelarre.wordpress comLes Quinze Nits
Placa Reial 5
08002 Barcelona, Spain
(93) 17 30 75 – no pre-booking
€€ – Spanish

Les Quinze Nits (The 15 nights) …. There is no other way to get in then join the queue.
Was in Barcelona the first time 1997 – and the queue was there … both for lunch and dinner. And it’s still there!!! Every time I been to Barcelona I have been in the dinner queue. They have outside tables, of course they goes first.

Today they have a website, but that took time – but still no pre-booking – the queues are their trademark. Since they expanded and made the second floor into dinning room too – the place is just swallowing up the queue.

Buzzing, electric and not really a typical tourist trap – mostly Spanish guests. Food is fresh and local…

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  1. Thank you so much … for the reblog. Barcelona is one of my favorite European cities, There will be another about “Agua” soon. Love this tune – hope it doesn’t bother you blog. *smile

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