Exhibition review: Oh my God at Kemistry Gallery

The Rose-tinted Analyst


Originally published on The Upcoming on 3rd August 2013

Greek mythology has had a profound impact on the Western psyche, providing an endless well of drama and intrigue for writers, artists, poets and filmmakers to draw upon. In Ancient Greece the gods and heroes were feared and revered in equal measure, before the introduction of rationalism saw them mimicked, mocked and robbed of their religious significance around the 5th century BC. Over time, reverence for Greek mythology returned, this time for its cultural rather than religious importance.

The latest exhibition by Barcelona based design team Hey Studio at Kemistry Gallery, Oh my God finely treads this line between reverence and ridicule. It’s as if the marketing team up on Mount Olympus gave the folks at Hey Studio a call and said “We need a fresh new look”. Zeus, Hades, Medusa and co. are all here, but not as you’ve ever seen…

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