Restaurant Review: Burger Joints in Barcelona


Welcome back on this delicious tour.

Castle of BegurOn my last trip up Costa Brava, we ended up in Begur, an amazingly beautiful little town with its castle. (

Even though it was overflooded with tourists like every summer, it still seemed to retain its medieval charm. Random as it was, we even had some traditional restaurants on the list to visit that were recommended by friends.

However, due to unfriendly timetable of traditional places, we ended up in the least expected restaurant type – a burger joint “Burger-station”. 

Well-implemented, interesting concept of a train station with gourmet burgers to take away, it made me think about this trend in general.

To tell the truth, I should admit that burger joints is one of the top trends on the market of Barcelona over the last years.Delicious burger

Back in 2000s, anyone who wanted to have a decent burger had to go to a…

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