BCN: Topik, lunch menu in Barcelona

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In Barcelona there is a good tip to eat well and cheaply: the lunch menu. Appetizer+ main course + dessert + drink (can be a glass of wine) generally range between 8 and 15 euros. Many restaurants that are more expensive during evenings serves a cheap lunch menu.. In this city, some restaurants are known for serving the best cheap menus in Barcelona and Topik is one of them.

The menu is Mediterranean but with some oriental influences sometimes.

One of the entries was this spinach cannelloni which was delicious.

lunch menu barcelona

My main dish was a fish with mushroom in oriental sauce. The fish was perfectly cooked.

lunch menu barcelona

The other dish was better, the baked Carrilera. The carrillera was tender and juicy.

lunch menu barcelona

The dessert was a apple and a Catalan tart, both were tasty but not spectacular.

lunch menu barcelona

lunch menu barcelona

As we visited Topik in early August, the restaurant was calm. But generally is packed…

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