Things to do in GRACIA: the real Catalan neighborhood

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Gracia is another unique and vibrant neighborhood of Barcelona, which actually was an independent town until late 19th century. This independent spirit still resists and the population of the town, a mix of elderly Catalan, young people and bohemian artists, consider itself as being from Gracia, not from Barcelona.

The neighborhood is both trendy and traditional, which creates a very special atmosphere where you will find at same time art galleries and authentic Spanish shops, hipster bars and traditional Catalan café. Moreover, Gracia is a quiet, not very touristic area, perfect for discovering a new perspective over Barcelona.

Gracia is famous for its festival, Festa Major de Gracia, which lengths 5 days in August and consists in a street decoration contest that resident takes very seriously. The result is often very spectacular and the streets get even more entertaining at night.

The area is also renowned for its…

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  1. Lovely place.. . .thanks for sharing. . . .Anne

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