Jazz Sí Club, Raval

Entra en el Menú

Jazz Sí Club – €9.50  (or any dish for €7)

Nearest Metro: Sant Antoni


What we ate:

1a: Anchoas amb Escalivada de pebrots / Crema de calabasa amb diferents verdures i picatostes

2a: Entrecot de vedella Gallega amb patatas fregidas

Postre: a selection of basic desserts/fruit or coffee

Drink included

17th May 2013

Carrer de Requesens, 2, 08001

The Jazz Sí Club is one of the only places (if not the only place?) in Barcelona that has live music programmed every night of the week. It is closely affiliated with the nearby Taller de Musics (a music school specialising in Flamenco and Jazz) and the club gives students past and present a platform to perform on.

What on earth is the point in all this you may ask. Errrrrrr…. background?

Clearly of most interest to us is the fact that Jazz Sí also does a very good menú del día

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