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One of the things I have a good grasp of – having now managed a fair number of multilingual social media profiles – is the regional/national/cultural differences in the way people interact in the various spheres. Since starting this blog, my Anglo-Catalan schizophrenic identity has been getting a booster dose, so, insofar as the myDiagonal part of it has any social media strategy at all, I’m putting my thoughts down here.

On twitter, I find Catalans are more interactive than tweeps in Castillian Spain, whose twitter culture I find far removed from the Anglo-Saxon one – a generalisation, I know, and apologies to the more cosmopolitan Spanish tweeps out there who do practise the “proper” twitterquette (whoever that’s defined by). I think it’s a reflection of conversational dynamics generally in these different cultures and the Spanish form, involving people talking over each other and raising the pitch to do so, seems to be reflected in the way they tweet a lot but don’t retweet or converse so much – more a matter of “listen to me” rather than “let’s talk”  As I say, I find the Catalans more interactive, but I suppose that might be because we are sharing the same cultural space.

It’s all about community building and, since, owing to my nomadic existence, I belong to no community and all (with the exception of football and trainspotting which I find tedious in equal measure – pace Barça fans), I have to be conscious of dispersing myself too thinly among the complex matrices of different communities within different platforms, but if I restricted myself to the blogosphere without tweeting or facebooking or +1-ing, would you be reading this? (BTW, I find that Google+ers are much more homogeneous across different cultures, although I get the feeling there are more of them proportionally than in the rest of Spain – there must be stats out there to confirm or confound my impression. As for facebook, I’d rather not go there, but I do.

So there we are, my wordpress musings of the day. Now to post them far and wide and see what happens. Your comments welcome.

Good day, bon día, buen día, bonjour, or whatever it is in your preferred language.


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