Passatge Lluís Pellicer

A little street with lots of life

Passatge Lluís Pellicer Street Party

Passatge Lluís Pellicer Street Party

Nestled away behind the Diagonal in the left Eixample this unassuming passage will often go unremarked by the casual passer-by, except, perhaps, for the popular Velódromo café-restaurant on its corner with Muntaner.

If you venture a bit further down the lane, you will find it has plenty to offer in the way of hang-outs and diverse food experiences to enjoy both day and night. But what strikes me most about this small street is its sense of community with ambitions above its station among its grander neighbours, evident at last weekend’s annual Festa del Passatge.

Of course, you won’t find it teeming with so much activity every day, but you will be able enjoy the bon rotllo of the locals at one of its cocktail bars at night or sample the all-day variety of cosmopolitan restaurants located there, including a Breton creperie, a Catalan restaurant offering cuina casolana and Blau, one of Barcelona’s finer international gastronomic experiences offered by chef Marc Roca, with his own touch of Catalan flair.

So, if you’re in the area and fancy exploring one of the hideaways in the Eixample, you could do worse than taking a stroll down this lane.



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3 responses to “Passatge Lluís Pellicer

  1. worthtryin

    Very nice blog indeed! And it’s a great idea to discover bcn street by street! I am in love with all these Eixample streets for many reasons, but definitely my favorite is this passatge! I love the creperie le p’ty mon, and I just went to the “Tast Gastronomic” and enjoyed a sample of the incredible food the many restaurants and bars of the street offer! Check my blog if you like!

    • Hey – good to connect! Great blog. I’ll be following and re-blogging some of your posts and of course there’ll be more to come from me too 🙂 . Fins aviat!

      • worthtryin

        Fine, thank you for re-blogging! I’m looking forward to seeing your new entries! Bona nit!

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