Finding your way around

Discover a different Barcelona

This site is here to give you the tips you need to explore a part of central Barcelona that’s easy to reach but away from the tourist traps  – the less known streets for sightseeing , with pictures to give you a feeling for all the places to be enjoyed off the beaten track and away from the crowds. We’ll also tell you about where you can stay, eat, stop for a coffee, visit public gardens etc., with a rough price guide so you can plan your day.

The Diagonal

The Diagonal

Click on the categories on the right to see street-by-street guides, shopping, restaurants, cafés, getting around and so on. We’ll be adding new information all the time, so keep checking in for updates. For the moment, all the content is about the Eixample and Gracia, but we’ll be adding other areas for those wishing to explore further afield in the future.

If you’d like to add your own comments or tips for other visitors to the site, you’re most welcome.

Thank you for visiting myDiagonal and come back soon!

(PS – I’ll be publishing random posts about nothing in particular every now and then)


A street-by-street guide of places to see with maps to plan your route and find places to stop off on your way.

Restaurants, cafés, bars

Classified by nationality, speciality, location, price range, etc.


We’ll tell you about boutiques, wine shops, chocolate shops and delicatessens and other interesting places to find original gifts or treats for yourself.


Places to stay by price range, location, boutique hotels, etc.

Getting around

How to move around on foot, by bike and by public transport, including dedicated cycle routes.


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13 responses to “Finding your way around

  1. I absolutely loved the city. My only regret was not having more time. Peggy and I are already planning a return. Thanks so much for the follow.

    • Great, Curt. Come back soon to soak in the Barcelona lifestyle. Wishing you and Peggy ever greater blissful travel experiences. (Oh, and Burning Man is on my wishlist!). Peter

      • Peter: We will… and Burning Man is definitely worth the trip… in more than one way. (grin) Peggy and I will be returning there again this year and blogging on the experience. Curt

  2. Thanks for following my blog. So happy to meet you here and connect. Barcelona is high on my bucket list. I’ll really enjoy your blog.

  3. jayconfessions

    Thank you for following me! Barcelona is such a beautiful city! I’ve already missed it, hope to come back very soon!

    xx Jasmine –

  4. Now how did you know I was planning to visit later this year? I hope to find some beautiful spots of my own but I’ll be watching you too. 🙂 Many thanks for following.

  5. Brilliant timing for you to like my blog! We have a free day on Wednesday and will be using your tips to have a beautiful day in Barcelona! 🙂

  6. This is great. Always good to have an inside resource away from the tourist traps and chain hotels. Will keep this in mind when we decide we can visit!

  7. Thanks for following me back 🙂 Man I love this city. Have already picked up some great tips from here, and hoping I can contribute to them too!

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